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t keep up with the seasons ev

Quiet life, prayer, come to plan some real things in me, often thinking: life is not easy Newport Cigarettes, but this difficult work, we are happy to do it. It is true that it is difficult, but perhaps it is because of the difficulty that it makes sense. And the so-called "good life, evil and death" person, I don't think it means: "I want to be born in the world Cigarettes For Sale, I don't want to die underground." On the way". Death is not enough, but even less evil, terrible and abominable, and the most meaningless, isn't it just stopping on the way? In this way, the so-called life is on the road. The future is promising, and the road is eternal. I hope the little ones are blessed, because they can rest earlier, but they are also the most unfortunate, because they have stopped on the way, then they might as well go to the ground. And for those who wish to be big, are they also blessed? No, they are even more unfortunate. However, fortunate and unfortunate in the world, there is no absolute meaning. Who knows the unfortunate and unfortunate fortunate. The road is long and the hope is great, but the thorns on the road, the disadvantages of the hands and feet, this is the so-called human suffering. But this road is to go, because people are walking on the road. He who truly tastes the suffering of life, can he really know the happiness of life, and he deeply feels that such suffering and happiness really mean it. "Real existence". Isn't that enough? If you think it s not enough, or you do nt need it, then I do nt know what you are going to look forone is the fairy, or the devil is talking a little far away. Fortunately, this article has no purpose Now, try to pull it back again. Life is walking on the road, hope is the beacon on the road, but pushing forward behind, or what is often spurred behind? Here, let's take a look at this autumn! Actually, I came to fall unknowingly. The red flowers have become purple and gray again, and the gray ones are going to fade away. A yellow leaf is swinging on the branch and you will feel When it hits it, there is a danger of falling down, and when you step on the dead leaves underground and hear the sound of that cricket, suddenly another leaf gently slides over your shoulder and flew down, What will you feel? Maybe you can only say, "Fall!" When you walk to the wilderness and see the sky that is dying, you might only say, "Fade!" However, friends, you might not have thought that westerly wind would come. It's so early, and it shouldn't be so cold, but your thin clothes are already hard to stop. "The whole family is in the autumn wind, and the clothes are not cut in September." This is because I can't keep up with the seasons every year. It is useless to blame time, but what is more terrible is the accident in life. At this point, one can't lift his heel without force, stretch his neck, and look at the "lighthouse on the road". And right here, the whip behind him came, and the name of the whip was "terror". We who have a weak vitality have not cut our clothes for "our own life", but the westerly wind is cold enough! I really don't want to see that one fall, but I know that this leaf fall is a "necessary" thing, so I will cherish that yellow leaf more Cigarettes Online, and feel more kind to autumn. . When people find that their hair is gradually falling off, do they not cherish their hair in the same way? It's the same that comes in this autumn means our lives. Spring once gave people hope, but the hope given by autumn was more distant, and the feeling given by autumn was stable and calm. It gave people a whip of horror, because people saw this Mr. Qiu's When I look, I ca nt help but look in the mirror and give people more hope, spur forward, realize that life is real, and that gives people the power of calmness, which is dying. autumn. I am affected by autumn, and I feel like a long-time friend to this desolate autumn.

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