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Cleaning method of water ring vacuum pump

Cleaning method of water ring vacuum pump

After using the water ring vacuum pump for a long time, it is inevitable that the pump body will be contaminated with some dust and other impurities. If these impurities enter into the pump, it will seriously affect the service performance of the water ring pump. Therefore, the user needs to clean the pump regularly. The water ring vacuum pump manufacturer introduces the following cleaning methods for us.

1. Clean the rolling bearing of water ring vacuum pump with gasoline, and wait for it to dry or blow dry after cleaning.

2. Clean the pump parts with anhydrous kerosene, and then wipe them with cotton cloth to ensure that there is no cotton fiber left on the parts.

3. Place diluted nitric acid or other soluble substances in the container and wait for about one hour, and then wash them with clear water directly. If there is pressure, the effect will be better.

The long-term use of water ring vacuum pump is inseparable from its regular cleaning and maintenance. Its cleaning operation includes not only external cleaning, but also internal cleaning. If the residual substances in the parts are not cleaned in time, they will mix into the newly changed lubricating oil, which will affect the oil quality and lubrication effect. Therefore, the user should pay attention to the cleaning operation of the pump.

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