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as the secretary of the large

The Analects": gentlemen have three precepts. When he was young, his blood was undecided, and the quitting was in color; when he was strong, his blood was just, and he was quitting in battle; These three sentences, from a shallow perspective, are about health, but they have also been widely used by Confucian disciples to "cultivate their minds" for thousands of years. I am not ready to use these three precepts in my life Cheap Cigarettes. Let's talk about abstinence first. I have a colleague, in his thirties, married, with a beautiful wife and children around him. The family of three is happy. After a few years of marriage, he couldn't bear the loneliness, like the new and hate the old, hiding his wife, and hooking up with a female colleague. When his wife knew about it, he proposed to divorce him and take the child away. Over time, the woman saw that there was no oil or water on him, and kicked him. This colleague really hits the bird all his life Newport Cigarettes Coupons, but ends up being pecked by the bird. He was discouraged and went back to his wife, who did not forgive him Marlboro Cigarettes. Finally, a wife made a dismissal. What a shame! Let's talk about fighting. I met an old man at the hospital, and the old man was in hospital. The old man made a dispute with the neighbor, and the neighbor's son pushed him a few hands. When his nephew heard that his uncle was bullied, he took a car with him and entered the neighbor's house without discrimination. Who knows, the neighbor's home is not a good kind, picking up steamed buns, sticks, etc., are involved in the fight. After the battle, his nephew's feet were snoring, and the neighbor's son interrupted his hand. Some minor injuries were still unknown. Imagine: if the nephew of the old man dealt with the matter rationally and came to the army first, then the result may not be so bad, let alone a lifelong disability. sad! Also said to quit. There is an old secretary in the village of his hometown. He was the secretary of the large collective period. His work was a bit overdone and offended many people in the same village. Later he went to town with his son. One day, he wanted to go back to his hometown, and put some packs of cigarettes in his pocket. He walked from the village head to the village tail, from village tail to village head, no one in the village cares for him. He thought at the time: whoever called him, he was going to give a pack of cigarettes. He came down one morning without sending out a pack of cigarettes. In the end, only one person from the east of the village greeted him. This person was said to have been helped by him. He suddenly realized that he returned to his son and said to his son, "In the future, no matter who has difficulties in his hometown, he must be able to help." In ancient times, people were proud of the "Three Precepts." Today, ordinary people are often guilty of adapting to the tide of the times, and do not be ashamed. In terms of abstinence, I always think that someone else s wife or husband is good. In terms of combat, I always think that winning is hard truth, lack of reason, and easy to be emotional. Loading big money is prone to a mentality of suffering. All this may be the name, the benefit, the power, or the karma.
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