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you. The market price of this type of bl

Napoleon Hill, a master of American modern success studies, said, "A positive and relaxed attitude is the health and nutrition of the soul." It's half done. There is an interesting story that allows us to better appreciate the magic of a positive mindset. The professor came to the classroom before class and asked the students to do a favor and move some blue and white porcelain bottles from his home into the classroom, saying that they would be used in class later in the class. The professor said, "Classmates who are willing to help move the blue and white porcelain bottles, please raise your hands!" As a result, more than 50 students in the class raised their hands in a noisy manner. There are more than 10 beautiful and exquisite blue and white porcelain bottles in the professor's storage cabinet. A student asked, "Professor, this porcelain bottle is so valuable and fragile. Should we pay for it if we broke it while we were carrying it?" The teaching professor said: "Don't look at this porcelain vase. Seeing the flowers so beautiful, in fact, is not worth the money, you can buy one for more than 50 yuan. Even if you move, you can afford it if you break, what are you afraid of. He ran to the classroom and placed the bottles neatly on the table next to the podium Carton Of Cigarettes. The class has begun. The professor said, "Classmates, do you know how much each of the blue and white porcelain bottles that you just moved are worth? Some students replied," Did you just say that, more than 50 yuan each. "The professor smiled." That's a lie to you. The market price of this type of blue and white porcelain vases is more than 20,000 yuan each. "The student who just held the bottle was shocked. At this time, the professor's cell phone rang, and the professor pressed the hands-free key. The whole class heard the conversation between the professor and the professor's wife. The wife asked the professor to send the blue and white porcelain bottle home. This session was designed in advance by the professor. The professor said, "It seems that I have to ask my classmates to help, and then move back. "The professor paused, glanced around the classroom, and said," Classmates who are willing to help move blue and white porcelain bottles Newport 100S, please raise your hands! " "This time the classroom was silent, and none of the classmates raised their hands and asked," Why, wouldn't any classmates help me move? " Tell me why? "A classmate replied:" Afraid of falling. "Then why did you dare move just now?" The professor asked with a smile. "That's because we don't know its value. Because we think we can afford it even if we fall." The professor put a smile on his face and wrote a line of chalk on the blackboard: "Ignorant is fearless. The mindset is important. Often it can determine success or failure. It is not difficult to see some things in this story. When it is not clear how difficult it is, we can often do better. This is what people often say is the ignorant who is fearless Marlboro Gold. The reason why he is "fearless" is because he has a positive and relaxed attitude. The positive and relaxed attitude has extraordinary magic. Therefore, our teachers help students to establish a positive attitude in ordinary teaching. It is extremely important. It allows students to Move towards your goal.
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