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ould not speak. However, th

On a tall courtyard wall, a large stone was sandwiched between two large stones, which was put in by the workers when they erected the wall. Two large stones are often squeezed against this small stone, and the small stone is also very upset about this, but due to the consideration of the entire courtyard wall, he did not choose to escape because of humiliation Marlboro Red. One day, two big stones came to nothing, and then began to ridicule the small stones: "Boy, look at your fragile small body, how can the workers put you on such a tall courtyard wall, hum, it's really a shame Another big rock also echoed: "If you want to be here, why do you have to squeeze between the two of us? It is really a good thing to delay us both. Get out of here as soon as possible, lest I do it myself and press you into a powder one day. Two big stones join the surrounding big stones to demonstrate to the small stones: "Shit, if you do nt get out, we will crush you "Powder!" Other large stones also growled. "Fast rolling, fast rolling small stones are helpless, detached from the courtyard wall, away from those large stones, living a free life after the large stones drove the small stones away, Excited. However, without the small stones, the gap between the large stones had no support points, and the two large stones began to loosen. Finally, on a heavy rainy night, the entire courtyard wall was broken. Coca-Cola is unintentional, and people ca nt be idle without quality. When talking to friends, they asked, So, what is quality?  "To have taste is to understand taste. Taste the hardships and joys of life. Whether it is adversity or adversity, those with taste can feel the affection, friendship and love. Japanese writer Ryusuke Arakawa said well: I like the daily chores, the light of clouds, the sway of bamboo, the noise of birds, and the appearance of pedestrians Marlboro Cigarettes. From all of these trivial matters, I can appreciate the supreme deliciousness. Take a step back and set your sights on "the light of clouds and the sway of bamboo", that is, there is quality, that is leisure. There is quality, that is, knowing how to choose. Especially in the face of fame and fortune, it is better to be quiet than to move. Song Shi Yongjia poet Zhao Shixiu waited for an appointment at home, could not wait for a long time, and was anxious and could not speak. However, the poet Zhao did not fret, but admired the sound of yellow plum rain and pond frogs, and tapped on the chessboard. The chess piece, however, shook off a lantern, so a natural quatrain rose from the bottom of the heart: "In the yellow plum season, every family is raining, and frogs are everywhere in the grassy pond. Some don't come for the night and a half. "It's for leisure. Many years ago, at the end of the year and the beginning of the year, the unit was hosting a national conference. As the department that writes the conference-related documents, everyone is working overtime to do all the preparations Online Cigarettes. One Sunday after lunch As I walked into the warm sun in the early winter, I saw a colleague bending over to pick up a falling red leaf from the ground. Watching him focus on the back of the red leaf, and gradually drifted away, the tension in his heart suddenly disappeared. You see, how can a man be idle without quality!

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