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Determine where to find readers

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It is not that being drunk or promiscuous is inherently wrong, and of course these actions go on not just in Newcastle but all over the country on a daily basis, but most people don’t have to contend with footage of themselves lolloping naked into a jacuzzi like a drunk sea lion being aired to the entire nation. Of course the cast are responsible for their own actions and have all entered the grizzly Geordie Shore process of their own volition, but watching themselves back in these episodes must be proving about as enjoyable as exploratory bowel surgery. Tuesday night’s show was the penultimate episode of Geordie Shore Black Samaje Perine Jersey , which will bow out gracelessly next week, just a day after we lose its posh counterpart Made In Chelsea. Yes, if you’re a fan of these so-called ‘reality dramas’ (also known as ‘structured reality shows’, also known as ‘soap operas whose writers couldn’t be bothered to hire real actors’) then there are tough times ahead. What will you do without your fix of incomprehensible dialogue and clumsy gropes in dingy clubs? And what will occupy your thoughts when you no longer have Gaz’s remote control-sized phallus on your mind? Of course there’s always the proposed Mersey Shore to look forward to Black Fabian Moreau Jersey , as well as the inevitable Made In Macclesfield and The Only Way Is Bognor, but nothing will be the same as Geordie Shore. On Tuesday, a few of the boys were coerced into taking all of their clothes off in front of lecherous middle-aged women, before dancing around for their entertainment. Let’s not even consider the outcry there would be if the genders were reversed in this situation. But it wasn’t all bad news for the lads Black Ryan Anderson Jersey , because Jay managed to have sex with one of the lecherous middle-aged females round the back of a building. This meant we were treated to a charming description of Gaz catching the lady in question ‘pulling her knickers up’, which actually made a pleasant change from the usual grainy footage of rapid thrusting from ‘neath the duvet. Elsewhere, Holly made her big return to the Geordie Shore house, only to spend several hours on the phone telling her boyfriend that she ‘probably w***ed Gaz off’ but she can’t remember. And to think Black Jonathan Allen Jersey , we will soon be without such pearls of wisdom. I’m in mourning already. JOBLESS Cheryl Cole has been offered a night out in her home town of Newcastle – with the cast of booze and bonk fest Geordie Shore. The MTV show – which features eight Geordies getting smashed and pulling almost every night – has been a must watch at Lads’ Lounge Towers over recent weeks. And the stars of the ‘reality’ show have offered to help the Girls Aloud singer get over her US X-Factor axe by having a night on the tiles. Vicky Pattison, 23, told the Daily Star: “It was hurtful to hear that people from Newcastle are embarrassed by us, but it’s ?naive. “After all Black Derrius Guice Jersey , what are Geordies famous for? Newcastle people are fun, loyal – and fighters. “Just look at Cheryl Cole. She’s had knock-backs, but she will pick herself up and carry on ‘cos that’s what Geordies do. And if she needs help we’re here to take her on a good night out.” Or rather, approximately six and half minutes into the latest We Love Telly podcast as Geordie Shore’s very own Vicky Pattison joins Rob Leigh for a little bit of a chat where there’s hardly any swears at all.

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Today鈥檚 authors can just write about anything under the sun 鈥?the opportunities are endless Black Da'Ron Payne Jersey , the ideas are bountiful, and online tools like Google and Grammarly are free and easy to use (unless they want to access advanced features, they will have to sign up for premium accounts). Potential readership for every genre or niche continues to expand, and it has become easy for both aspiring and veteran writers to self-publish and market their own material 鈥?all thanks to technology.

But still Black Vernon Davis Jersey , when it comes to attaining commercial and critical acclaim under the increasingly digitally connected literary atmosphere, authors will have to work harder and smarter or else they will not get their share of success and readership. So when writing or marketing their book, authors should mind their M鈥檚:


Every author, whether new or old Black Ryan Kerrigan Jersey , should know the difference between their target market and their niche (or genre, depending on term used by authors). They are not synonymous as there is an important distinction between the two: target market is the group of readers the author serves (or aims to serve), and niche (or genre) is the service the author offers to their target market.

To have a market is to serve. When choosing what market to write for, an author should:

Determine where to find readers who are looking for what they are writing about.
Let the readers in that target market know they are offering them something brand new and that they are dedicating their work to them.


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