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pe in despair, fireworks ar

I'm in the corner, looking for your starlight. The starlight called "Fire Tree Silver Flower", although tonight, there is no moon. The prelude suddenly blew, and the rain was slender and soft, hazy the whole city. The whole Lantern Festival was obscured. It has been planned already, to watch the lights and fireworks on the night of the Lantern Festival. It should have been like this every year. After all, it is the tail of the year, and I always hope to join in the excitement when the taste of the year fades, and appreciate the warmth of New Year. But today this year, it was mostly raining, and I couldn't help but feel a little flustered. The plan was broken. The mood is a new expectation. Smile all day, taste the Lantern Festival that you have to eat every year, or you can always taste different. I always thought that what I ate was "Reading Heart Pills". It would understand joy or sorrow, so it made us feel warm or sweet. The cold weather still misses the fireworks in full bloom. At that time, "flowers" opened moonless night. The sky is heavy and pure black like lead. The cold air was slow, walking with a blank expression, looking for the whereabouts of the lively crowd. I don't like to go far in such a cool night. So he turned around in pursuit of the warmth of the holiday. Today's night sky is not very busy, without the moon and stars, it seems a little more serious. The laughter of fireworks in all directions wrapped me up, but it was still cool to look at. They say that the fireworks are beautiful again, just for a moment. They said that fireworks were banned in some places and that it was polluting the air ... My expectation passed by bit by bit, who was poked like a bulging balloon. Looking up at the sky, it just said nothing. Is the atmosphere of the festival so light? Texting people around me that Happy Lantern Festival, my blessings are always so neat. There will be messages of blessings one after another, so my heart is warm for a while. There is a saying that "lonely than fireworks". Are fireworks lonely? Maybe it was only she who put on the monotonous and deep night sky. The splendor in the darkness, the hope in despair, fireworks are also flowers. Colorful and affectionate flowers, in the world of fireworks, pink willow green, grass long warbler flying, long-sleeved dance sky Marlboro Gold, colorful. With a pious heart, looking at the starlight in the night sky, this flower called fireworks bloomed and failed, thanks and opened again. In fact, I knew in my heart that the flower that was reopened was not what she was originally. She had only one life in her life. Thanks, she really fell asleep. Fireworks tears, never seen, but there is a real existence, blooming life, pain or pride. Deliriously photographing their last beautiful posture, so quietly miss, but they are proud, walking hurriedly, flashing bravely. Born in serenity, died in splendor, showing the most gorgeous side to the world. In a short life Marlboro Red, even if I hurried by, I didn't even have extra time to think about the definition of happiness and sorrow, but the distance from the ground to the sky was carefully measured. Firework tears Cigarettes For Sale, full of hearts, firework smiles, never eternal, and no one will forget, the night sky of the Lantern Festival, has her gorgeous color. Salute her. To be like plankton, to be free, but also to bloom like fireworks

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