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MB&F HM1 Horological Machine N1 White Gold 10.T41WL.S watch

MB&F traditional machine N°1 Cutting-edge classic MB&F LEGACY EQUIPMENT N°1

MB&F has long lasting creativity. The traditional machine Number 1 is a model of high end timepieces. However , this Maximilian Busser machine is different from your existing watch machines of the trademark. It is a founding member of often the Legacy Machine series. Traditionally, replica mb&f watches have avoided traditions and adopted modern design and style wholeheartedly. However , the delightful traditional machine No . a single combines tradition and modern quality.

Well thought out result

Max Busser asked himself a question: "If I was born in 1868, a hundred years earlier than our actual birth year, precisely what would happen? With the help of a friend, what exactly watch would I have a baby of? The answers to those questions led to the birth and labor of MB&F Legacy Device No . 1 .

"Friends" have the center of the MB&F paradigm. Over the years, Max Busser spectacular friends have spent considerable time thinking about clock issues that people think of. They studied traditional clocks and rockets with the space age. Bi Shumin é e and string mechanisms, different types of calendar devices and innovative balance are generally further examples of the brand's blue sky thinking. Every single friend has contributed on the MB&F machine we see nowadays. However , all MB&F designer watches rely on Maximilian Busser's excellent skills to orchestrate amazing time machines.

Max Busser's goal is clear. He desired to achieve the perfect combination of typical and modern watchmaking. MB&F has collaborated with Reuge to produce rocket watches, operates influenced by spiders as well as exquisite music boxes. The inspiration is laid, but the quest of MB&F is still taking place, and many ideas are still holding out to be implemented. The brand's excellent watchmaking craftsmanship and also unlimited creativity have gained the international recognition along with admiration of the annual GPHG prize.Hublot Classic Fusion Ferrari GT Titanium 526.NX.0124.VR

Large harmony wheel in the center of the face

The center of the dial could be the core of the movement, energetic balance, full of life, and is apparently eternal movement. The position from the balance makes the display packed with fascinating dynamics. The balance tyre is located under the balance as well as protruding bridge. The two calls display the hour in addition to minute respectively, allowing the patient to view the main time in a couple of different positions. Adjacent to the 2 dials is a unique straight power reserve. It looks like a sextant and is synonymous with horology and maritime navigation.

MB&F Lab designed a watch that will not only contains some traditional pattern elements, but also complements the actual brand's prestigious Horological Products, rockets and music bins. The success of the regular machine No . 1 is usually obvious. It has received wide-spread praise and won several prestigious awards including Reddish Dot and GPHG.

Perspective the classic watch

The watch dial of Legacy Machine Number 1 is dynamic, soon enough, and has a perpetual action machine with a balance.replica watches. Years of efforts are actually successful, and technical analysis and exquisite design have already been combined to become a masterpiece on this watch. This luxury see incorporates classic watchmaking strategies and extensive use of regular finishing. The back of the case has a sapphire crystal a glass, which allows you to enjoy the look at of the perfectly completed guide winding movement inside. Under the domed sapphire crystal, you can view a large balance wheel, which usually swings back and forth, and its physical Showboat attracts bystanders.

MB&F has proven that it will take classic products from recognized brands such as L'EP as well as Yujue, and inject these into contemporary with its very own unique character. In cohesiveness with MB&F, these two earlier known brands for conventional products have adapted into the new challenges and made the same luxury products since MB&F's legendary Horological Models. This creativity gave beginning to stunning rocket-shaped tunes boxes and robot-inspired office clocks. One aspect that these goods have in common is that each amazing artwork has obvious modern quality.


MB&F Musical legacy Machine No . 1 is a successful summary of the synergy between Max Busser impressive friends. The eternal need is to produce high-end wristwatches with thought-provoking designs and also unparalleled mechanical beauty. Several watch collectors love this kind of watch, they appreciate the unrivaled watch ingenuity and special aesthetics.http://www.cheapestwrist.com

Similar to the rockets, desk clocks and new music boxes made by Reuge along with Sword, MB&F Legacy Equipment No . 1 is a observe that references the clock in the past while breaking the particular boundaries of modern design. Typically the core of the first older machine was the movement. It absolutely was placed in the center of the period, demonstrating the dynamic sense of balance in calculating the beat of time.

MB&F Legacy Unit No . 1 offers 18 carat red gold, 18k white gold or platinum, platinum, titanium and stainless to choose from. Some of these models usually are limited edition watches, giving a degree of uniqueness liked by many connoisseurs.

Maximilian Busser contacted his good friend Alain Silberstein. The two males had previously created the HM 2 . 2 "black box", and Max again questioned him to provide ideas. Silberstein takes the classic Legacy Appliance No . 1 and breathes it with avant-garde ingenuity. The striking result of that collaboration is the LM1 Silberstein, which is an eye-catching watch, accessible in 18k rose gold or level 5 titanium.

Traditional equipment No . 1 has consistently shown that everything is definitely evolving without fail. Actually , Max Busser and his close friends showed a timeless desire for creative imagination and innovation. These features are evident in the various types bearing the MB&F label.jacob & co epic x chrono luis figo

However , these are not the ultimate decisions of MB&F Older Machine No . 1 . For the movement, Jean Fran's designers C OIS Mojon in addition to Cary Wattirain have again collaborated with Max Busser to create the splendid MB&F History No . 2 movement. Simply by calling Mojon and Voutilainen again, Busser has shown which he greatly appreciates the skills of such two respected watchmakers, admitting their horological prowess and ideal shared pursuit.

Technical list


-18k rose gold
-Dimensions: diameter 44mm x level 16mm
-Number of elements: 65


-Chronode is actually a three-dimensional watch movement particularly developed for MB&F, together with bridge design and finish particular by Kari Voutilainen
-Manual winding of single barrel or clip
-Power reserve: 45 several hours
-Balance wheel: Tailor-made 14mm balance wheel, four standard adjustment screws floating on the movement and dial
-Hairspring: The traditional Bao Bre contour ends in a movable button bracket
-Balance frequency: 2 . not 5 Hz / 20, 000 bph
-Number connected with parts: 279
-Number associated with gems: 23
-High-level handbook processing under the premise regarding respecting the style of the nineteenth century; polished internal bevels highlighting the manual design; polished bevels; Geneva surf; gold caisson with finished countersinks; hand-engraved


-Hours and minutes: fully indie dual time zones are viewed on the two dials
-Unique vertical power reserve
-Crown: Often the left crown at 7 o'clock is used to set enough time on the left dial; the right the queen's at 4 o'clock can be used to set the time on the proper dial and winding

Blue crystal

-High dome blue crystal mirror, sapphire ravenscroft mirror on the back, anti-reflective coating on both sides

Straps and buckle

-Brown hand-stitched alligator leather strap
-18k pin gold buckle coordinating the case.


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