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MyGM as my main mode and I've been enjoying with.

Another suggestion I have is not having a fixed potential and having players regress at any moment in their profession or NBA 2K21 MT just hit on a block. In real life maybe not every player strikes their potential/ceiling and this is an issue with 2K. Every single player which comes from the draft eventually hits or exceeds their possible which is so unrealistic. I can name hundreds of high selections (Anthony Bennet, Darko Milicic or recently Josh Jackson) who have not attained what we believed they could. This needs to change to add realism to NBA 2K21 as it's ridiculous. There.

MyGM as my main mode and I've been enjoying with. Nevertheless hold 2K19 since the version that is ideal. Hated this year's MyGM. Might be from the minority but the I loved the micromanagement. They really need a rehaul of their transaction logics, player movements, development, contracts and playoffs. Trade logics. Every year, I get a superb team by my next season (had DLo/Mitchell/KD/Dray/Gobert in 2K19 and Kyrie/Klay/KD/Dray for my growth 2K18). Player movements. Im not referring to function players also, talking about 80+ rated men getting traded right and left.

Development. Now, there is no motive to develop selections beyond the lottery. Ive find it okay and set the draft class quality. I really do note I play my games so lower rated men really are useful because I control them. Contracts. Need a means to elongate, buy workouts, 10 days and even do how Dwight/Melo failed their contracts per match basis. Playoffs. Please improve matchups. I really like having the ability to gameplan vs whoever I am matched up throughout and would love the AI to perform the same. For instance, if they see me using x player at certain times (notice: moments spinning in gameplan), then theyll use a participant to counter within the next game.

I agree, common sense in the AI and the absence of features really hurts NBA 2K21 mode. Do not even get me started on the trade logic and how easy it's to sign high free agents. That's what turned off people. It appears 2K only cares about MyCareer and MyTeam most likely as that is their big money makers but there is an entire community of folks who love MyLeague/GM that they have done nothing for.

I'm new to 2K but am strictly a MyLeague kind of guy (spent decades in dynasty mode in NCAA). It seems like MyLeague is fairly in depth - nearly overwhelming - across training, management, scouting, and chemistry (that I still have no idea how to affect ). Is all that things just window dressing? You're correct that MyLeague is fairly in Cheap 2K21 MT depth but imo, MyGM in 2K19 is much better with the sin (ie player wants/needs matter more) and the way you cant only reload if somehing didnt move your way because of autosave. They rehaul MyGM and its just eh with the actiom points this year.

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