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Suggestion box?

(Out of Curiosity: Would you describe General Discussion as a flood, wave, or shower?)
The theme I'm seeing with general discussion, is about half the content is suggestions.
So, why isn't there a suggestion section?
I'm sure you guys have a better idea than I do. And probably have a dozen reasons of why, or why not?
Key point:
Discussions and suggestions are equally submerged and lose out on recognition. Especially due to the volume of topics. It would be more uniform and easy to find content, if it wasn't one melting pot.
Also, I've had 10 ideas since yesterday. If you enjoy sharing things --- it's pretty damning to think your only platform for doing so, is fairly limited.
So, shouldn't there be an appropriate outlet for this? Or am I barking up the wrong tree here?

Any help appreciated.

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